Events in Florence

Is our pleasure suggest our host to visit and enjoy all activity around our bed & breakfast

Eco-friendly bed and breakfast

We wished Casa Rovai to be an eco-friendly bed and breakfast in the center of Florence…

… paying all possible attention to environmental impact reduction, from the products served for breakfast to the use of alternative energy source.

Even a guest house in the heart of a city of art can practise sustainable actions that can make a difference and can let our guests feel in a “low energy home”.

Here are some of the green practises followed by our b&b:

  • Carbon emission is one of the biggest issues and we are aware that even a deep cultural change in our lifestyle can invert the trend. We can play our role in making the difference: our small house takes care about Earth”s health. We therefore decided to reduce carbon emissions and improve overall resource efficiency, through electricity and natural gas supplied by Sorgenia®, exclusively produced by alternative energy sources, without using fossil fuel and carbon emission. This turned out to be a more expensive choice but we believe it is worth.
  • Our guest house is located where the limited traffic central area begins so all main attractions are at walking distance. The city is pretty small so walking around without having to drive or catch a bus is probably the main privilege our guests can have… You will enjoy energy-saving tourism in Florence!
  • Energy use was significantly reduced by replacing existing light bulbs with energy-saving fittings.
    The three main hallways are provided with motion-sensor lighting and timers.
  • We installed a water filtration system that serves pure water: our guests adore it!! A glass and a jar are left in each room so to avoid using plastic glasses and bottles. We very often see that our guests refill their bottles with filtered water so to have pure water for the whole day while exploring the city.
  • Annual laundry costs were reduced by introducing a policy to charge our guests for a more frequent (less than every three days) replacement set of fresh towels during their stay.
  • Our washing machine is both water and energy conserving and we decided not to have a drier to avoid very strong enviromental impact. After being washed, towels and linen are all hung outside at the window!
  • Low-flow toilets were installed in all guest rooms.
  • The heating is centralized and programmed by a cronothermometer that sets starting time and temperature automatically. We make sure our staff inform our guests that energy saving rules impose not to exceed 20° C (68° F).
  • Everyone working at Casa Rovai was educated to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied. We always like to motivate our guests to keep the air conditioning off while they are not in the room.
  • Our bed and breakfast is located in the no traffic area of Piazza del Duomo. Cars, buses and taxis are not allowed to drive in the very heart of Florence and being our b&b just three minutes away from the Duomo we can testify the good repercussion of this policy. The use of green transportation options is promoted by our staff, from the moment our guests contact us asking for availability, to their check in. We like to give our guests tips on bike rental service, walking maps and information on public transportation. Beware: driving in Florence could make you waste precious time!
  • For breakfast, we make sure we buy local food to reduce unnecessary imports. Whenever it is possible, we prefer to buy food in bulk to reduce packaging consumption. The real “star” of our breakfast is the home made cake that every morning leads our guests from their rooms to the breakfast room. We decided to avoid buying packaged cakes and to make our own fresh one!

Here is our message: being green means guests and staff are healthier!


Terra Futura

From May 25 up to May 27 the Fortezza da Basso of Florence will host Terra Futura, a fair-meeting that is getting bigger and more articulate every year, with its fully program of cultural initiatives, meetings, seminars, workshops, laboratories and shows.

The common goal is to guarantee a future for our planet, and to achieve it together!

The entrance is free, don’t miss it out!!

For more informations visit:


Handicraft Fair in Florence

Handicraft Fair in Florence

From May 11th to may 13th the XVIII edition of the Handicraft Fair ‘Artigianato e Palazzo’ will be held in the suggestive location that is the Garden of Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

Artigianato e Palazzo is a three-day exhibition; 80 craftsmen will recreate their workshops in the beautiful historic formal italian garden and orangeries surrounded by hundreds of lemon trees in terracotta pots and II C.a.d. statues. In these “botteghe” the craftsmen will work and show their skill and secrets explaining ancient and preserved techniques of making bronze, wood, glass, iron, paper, marble objects. Don’t miss it!

Where: Giardino Corsini – Via della Scala, 115 – Firenze

When: From 10 a.m. to 8,30 p.m.

Entrance fee: 8,00 euro

For more details…



Paper Florence

If Paris can be reckoned a sort of paradise for bibliophiles, because of its ‘bouquinistes’ (characteristics stalls on the parapets of the Seine, from quai Voltaire on the rive gauche to quai du Louvre on the other side), Florence too can offer the enthusiast looking for some good deals, interesting findings among the stands of old books and the antiquarian bookshops.

We can start from the stall in Via Pietrapiana, in the Sant’Ambrogio quarter, close to Piazza de Ciompi and just in front of the Loggia del Pesce and the flea market, where we can find books about the history of Florence, essays, or first editions of the twentieth century as Papini, Prezzolini, Malaparte.

Another stop going to San Lorenzo visiting the New Sagrestia and the Medici Chapels is the historical stand of Via Martelli, in the widening between Galilei high school and the Medici Riccardi Palace, where it’s possible to find old editions of classics.

A few steps ahead, at the bottom of a brief stair, the antiquarian bookshop Giorni is really worth a visit. Another historical stand is that at the corner of the Strozzi Palace, an authentic jewel of the Renaissence architecture, home to the major exhibitions, where it’ s possible to go through art books and exhibition catalogs.

Finally, going back to Republic Square, we can have a quick passage under the arcades, where the oldest stand is located, just near the entrance of the Central Post Office, offering everything, from essays to university books.

For those who can afford it there are also tha antiquarian bookshops, as Gonnelli in Via Ricasoli, Conforti in Via dè Ginori or Salimbeni in Via Matteo Palmieri, where you can stumble into major rarities, even antique prints, or graphic arts.

Dear book loving friends, have fun


Prato Tuscany exhibitions

A new, big event in Prato (20 minutes away from b&b Casarovai in Florence by train).

From May 1 to May 6Prato è fiera‘, an open air fair starring local production, artisans, small businesses, merchants, wine and food producers and more. Don’t miss it out!

Admission is free.

Hours: Tuesday May 1 and Sunday May 6: from 10 am to 9 pm Wednesday 2 ,Thursday 3, Friday 4 May: from 3:30 pm to 9 pm Saturday 5: from 10 am to 9 pm



Plants and flowers exhibition

From April 25 to May 1, from 9 am to 7 pm , the appointment is for all the lovers of plants.

At the garden of’Orticultura of Florence (entrance from Via Vittorio Emanuele II and from Via Bolognese 17 4) comes back the Spring Exhibition of plants and flowers, organized (as every year, since 1855!) from the Tuscan Horticultural Society. The exhibition will host 61 exhibitors, the best, and even garden furniture and organic food companies.

Admission is free.

For more details visit:


Da Fattori al Novecento

Unseen works from the Roster, Del Greco, Olschki collection held, from April 1 to November 4, at Villa Bardini.

The exhibition, divided into 5 sections, is a journey through memory, is a Grand Tour of Italy and Florence, in a hundred paintings from private collections, of authors such as Giovanni Fattori, Signorini, Giuseppe Abbati, Eugenio Cecconi and Llewelyn Lloyd.

Tickets and bookings:
monday – friday 9.30 am -1:00 pm/ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
tel. 055 200.66.206

or take contact with our bed & Breakfast to book your tiket


Avon Running

Need accomodation for Avon Running?

A running only for women takes place on 1 April in Florence.

Departure is from Piazza Santa Maria Novella at 10:30, and arrival is in the same square. The proceeds will be donated to the florentine association Artemisia, which will employ them to projects to help children traumatized by their parents’ violent relationship.

A good reason to participate.


Parks and gardens in Florence

Spring has begun.. at last!!

So.. what’s better than a walk outdoor?!

Below I give you a list of the main gardens and parks of Florence, it could be very useful, trust me!

Boboli Gardens

Address: Piazza Pitti, 1
Phone: 055 2651816
Web Site:

Bardini Garden

Address: Via dei Bardi, 1 rosso (Piazza dei Mozzi)
Web Site:

Giardino dell’Iris

Address: entrance from Piazzale Michelangelo
Opening time: open from the 2nd of May to 20st of May (Monday-Friday: 10-12,30; 15-19. Week-End: 10-19)
Phone: 055 483112

Giardino delle Rose

Address: viale Giuseppe Poggi 2 Opening Times: suggested to visit in May
Phone: 055 2625342

Botanical Gardens

Address: Via P.A. Micheli, 3
Opening times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, from 9,00 to 12,00
Phone: 055 2757402 Ticket: free Web Site: Orto Botanico

The Garden of Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Address: Via Cavour, 1
Opening times: from 9,00 to 13,00 and from 15,00 to 18,00 – Sunday from 9,00 to 13,00 – (Closed Wednesday)
055 276.01

Giardino dell’Orticultura

Address: Via Bolognese, 17
Opening Times: from 8,00 to 20,00
Phone: 055.483698
Web Site:

The Garden at Villa della Petraia

Address: Villa della Petraia, 40 – Località Castello
Opening Times: Every day (except Monday), from 9,00 to 16,30
Phone: 055 425691
Ticket: free
Web Site:

The Garden at Villa di Castello

Address: Via di Castello, località – Castello
Opening Times: Every day (except Monday), from 9,00 to 16,30
Phone: 055 454791 Web Site:

Cascine Park

Address: Parco delle Cascine
Opening Times: always open
Ticket: free